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Want to make bids on high end
items in real time?

All Products in our Real Time Auction have - 

・Have selling prices of 50,000 JPY and higher
・Are auctioned off...Every Tuesday from 10am till end (JST)


Real Time Auction Schedule


After logging in to your Dashboard -
Click: 'Auction Schedule'


Understanding the Real Time Auction Schedule

There is a Lot Number mentioned with every category of the auction.

Each 'Lot Number' tells you...

・What time an item will be auctioned off
・What channel it will be found on

The lot number can be found on the item's listing in Preview Search. In your Dashboard.




There is no English version of the Auction Schedule. Please use Google


How to Enter the Real Time Auction (Live)

① Click: 'Real Time Auction' tab on the Top Right

​② Click: 'Join Auction'

③ Click: 'Continue'

④ Real Time Auction (Live) Home Screen

PLEASE NOTE - ※In order to access the live auction, pop-ups must be enabled.

How to Pick Main Screen Channels

① List of channels to choose from (A through G)



② Choose up to three (3) channels to show on your screen


③ Click on the channels you've chosen. They should move into the Channel






PLEASE NOTE- ※To remove a channel from 'Select Channel', click on it.

How to Access the Auction Screen

① Click: '3channelGO' (Light blue button)

② Real Time Auction (Live) Auction Screen


・All item descriptions and prices are written in Japanese.

・To accurately know what you are bidding on we highly
recommend doing a 'preview search' before participating.

・Refer to the 'Auction Schedule' on page two (2) to find out
what time your items of interest will be auctioned off.

・Once a bid is made it cannot be canceled.

・Canceling an item you purchased will incur a 30%
cancelation fee.

Understanding the Bid Status' of an Item

How to Read The Price

・The number after the decimal point is in increments of 1,000 JPY.

  0.2万円 = 2000 YEN

・The number before the decimal point is in increments of 10,000 JPY.

  4.5万円 = 45000 YEN

How to Bid

① Turn on the bidding button for the channel you want to bid in



② Click 'BID' whenever you want to place a bid


・The bid increment for each item depends on the start price of
the item. The increments are as follows:







・When you are not actively bidding or participating in the Real
Time Auction, please turn the 'BID' button 'OFFLINE'.

・There have been instances where the 'BID' button was left
'ONLINE' and while a user was using their computer for other
purposes, the movements on their computer registered as
active bidding clicks on random items.

・Regardless of what occurs, you will be held accountable for
all bids placed by your account. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Where Can I See My Spending Limit?

You can see your spending limit near the bottom right of each
screen. You can click the 'Credit' button to expand and see your
spending limit. The number changes with each suc
cessful bid.

How do I Know I Won a Bid?

This screen will show up on the channel you won an item on.
Click 'Confirm' to confirm your purchase and return to the bidding







※If you'd like to cancel an item you won, there will be a 30% cancelation fee.

Where Can I See All the Items I Won?

Return to the Real Time Auction (Live) Home Screen

Click: 'Bid Result' on the TOP RIGHT

The items you won will show up in the screen below

Where Can I Practice Bidding?

Real Time Auction (Live) Home Screen
Click: 'Test Buy'

You're ready to practice everything you've learned!

Sell by Hold
After an auction, buyers will be able to sell to the last bidder, their
items that received bids but did not reach the reserve price.

Note: If the winning bidder chooses to cancel a product
contracted through 'Sell By Hold', the winning bidder will be
charged a cancellation fee.

bid steps.JPG

            For any further queries please contact our support line

                     We will get back to you within 24 hours !

                                        ENJOY BIDDING !

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