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Qualifications for Joining

To qualify for membership, companies must be registered with their local government and be based outside of Japan.


Overall Flow

1.         Submit application for review.

2.         Receive login information and log into the website with the designated ID and password.

3.         ​Finish Walkthrough with Sales Representative and start placing bids/orders through your account.

4.         The highest bid that exceeds the reserve price will be designated as the winning bid.

5.         Receive invoice and make payment.

6.         Items will be shipped, and you will receive them.


Service Charges

・ A handling fee of 7% or 10% of the product price (calculated on a per item basis)

・ Products up to 100,000 JPY = 10% (minimum charge 500 JPY)

・ Products over 100,000 JPY = 7%

・ Shipping charges

・ Shipping insurance fees (if applicable)

・ Fees associated with payment (transfer fees, etc.)

・ Any applicable tariff, taxes, levies, etc. by the country of import


Brand Mall

You can order items via the Brand Mall, which can be found on our website. Orders will take up to 7 business days and cannot be canceled unless significant damages are discovered during the review process.


Delivery of Items

Products will be delivered from our warehouse to your designated location as written in the application.


Evaluation, Inspection, and Authentication

Our general evaluation consists of grades in 5 scales: “S, A, B, C, D”. Interior and exterior evaluation is graded in 6 scales: “S, 1+, 1, 2+, 2, 3”. The preceding grades are listed in order of least amount of damage to highest amount of damage. Depending on the item, evaluations may not include interior and/or exterior grades. 

Users shall fully verify in advance the status of desired items, which includes product images, product details/damages, presence/absence of warranty card, etc. before placing bids to the auctions and/or placing an order to the Mall.

Items are authenticated based on Aucnet’s in-house standards. We ask for your understanding when making purchases through us.



Cancelation after Purchase

A finalized win for a product may be canceled by paying a penalty fee of 30% of the product’s final price.

※Email cancelation requests must be made by Tuesday 5:30 pm (JST)


Credit Limit

Credit limits for an account are determined by the contents of the application. Should you desire a higher credit limit, please notify your account manager and provide any/all requested documentation. All changes to credit limits must be officially approved before they are applied to your account.


Late Payments

If the funds are not received by our designated account within ten (10) days from the issuance of said invoice, it will result in a late fee of 18.25% (pro-rated basis at 1 year as 365 days).


In the event that AUCNET CP cannot confirm a given payment within a thirty (30) day period from the product purchase date, the Service Participation Master Agreement will be terminated. Products will be categorized as unrecoverable, and AUCNET CP will list the products on the AUCNET auction to re-sell and offset the amount due under the agreement.

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