March: Aucnet's Monthly Bag Report


As of March, we’ve noticed that buyers abroad are joining in the auctions with more intensity due to the depreciation of the yen. Accordingly, there was a new record of participating users from abroad this month. On the other hand, due to a lockdown in Shanghai, shipping to China has faced some hiccups. As a countermeasure many users are instead shipping to Macau to import their products. Due to this, we are seeing a return of Chinese users to our auctions.

Bag Trends

Some specific standout items this month were the Matelasse and Lady Dior, which shows the increase of the demand and market price for small-sized bags (10~20cm).

As for Louis Vuitton items, the Keepall Bandouliere 60 has had a remarkable increase in market price, not to mention the same trend for all Bandoulieres regardless of size. The trends for Speedies, however, differed depending on the size.

Boutique Purchase Restrictions

Due to the price spike of leather and the scarcity of goods stemming from the pandemic, some makers are not able to get a hold of new items in their boutiques. We’ve heard from these makers that they have to make frequent trips or else they can’t get their items out to their customers. We’ve also heard that in America rules have changed even for special customers when purchasing products at Hermes. So, we thought, “What about the Japanese boutiques?” and started to do some research. Consumers who aim for new products also haven’t been able to get these products easily, so many are thinking about the benefits of vintage bags. Perhaps, news regarding vintage items will be on the rise.


Purchases are typically limited to 3 items a day.

Any number of purchases exceeding that depends on their stock.

Classic LV products have been scarce for the past year and a half but are slowly returning.


Bag purchases are limited to 1 item a day, and jewelry is 2 items a month.

You must also wait one month after your last purchase to buy again.

The need is increasing, perhaps due to COVID, so they’re trying to get as many people as they can to buy their products with these new rules.


Purchases are typically limited to 1 item a day.

However, specific items have separate limitations depending on the timing and number available.

See you all again next month!

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