May: Aucnet's Monthly Bag Report


Market prices for items dropped during the latter half of May.

We believe that the overall drop in COVID cases overall may be the leading cause the market price drop – so much so that trends for consumers worldwide seem to be shifting. Restrictions that have been imposed until now are being steadily lifted, so instead of buying luxury goods, consumers are focusing more on traveling when spending their money. However, retail items have kept a strong and steady market price, with items in great condition specifically capturing buyers’ attention.

Additionally, the lifting of the lockdown in Shanghai this June will hopefully revitalize the momentarily restricted flow of goods from Japan to China.

Bag Trends

We see an overall drop in market price for many classic Louis Vuitton shapes. However, the market price for Louis Vuitton's Popincourt Haut has surprisingly been steadily rising over the last few months.

What Bags Are Popular Where?

We’ve compiled six graphs showing how many people looked at each listed item in May, so check out which customers are on the look for these types of items!

See you all again next month!

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