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November: Aucnet's Monthly Bag Report


The Neverfull MM had a stable market price until November but started dropping gradually throughout the month.

We have also noticed certain damages on items that substantially influence the price items sell at, such as the degree of the tanned leather handles.

During the November auctions, we observed Tikal PMs, Saumur 30s, and Viva Cite MMs getting an influx of bids from Chinese buyers.

Bag Trends

Resale Fashion Summary 2022

Worldwide Y2K Fashion Trend

The popularity of fashion items that trended worldwide in the 2000s with teens and those in their 20s are coming back strong. Luxury brands have also announced products aligning with this trend.

The Rise of Miumiu

Miumiu has been chosen as the brand of the year by LYST, a shopping app with investments from LVMH. From mini skirts to ballet shoes, wonder bags and more, Miumiu has released many items representing the luxury fashion of 2022.

The revival of menswear for Autumn/Winter 2022 and over 23 million views for the Spring/Summer 2023 collection shows Miumiu can anticipate even more popularity in the future.

Trending Color: Hot Pink

Due to the rise of Y2K fashion and the reveal of the new Barbie movie, the searches for pink items increased by 416% on the app LYST.

Additionally, Valentino’s announcement video of its hot pink collection for Autumn/Winter 2023 blew up on TikTok, amassing an incredible 70 million views.

Predictions for 2023 Trends

Keywords: Oversized, Crescent-shaped, Geometric patterns, Multicolored


Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and New Year!

See you all again next month :)

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