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What is the  BRAND MALL ?

An online marketplace on our website that allows you to buy used luxury brand items anytime, anywhere for a fixed price. There are currently more than 7,000 products available for purchase.

Steps to Use our Brand Mall

The Process



1. Check item information and photos.

Place an Order

2. 'Buy Now' button to make an order.

Inspection & Grading

3. Seller will ship the item to Aucnet's Warehouse.

4. Aucnet will grade the item.


Receive Email

5. Upon completion of grading, an email will be sent to you.


Check Item Details & Order Confirmation

6. Please review the final grading results.

7. Click the link in email to confirm your order.


8. AUC Brand Mall invoice will be issued the following Wednesday.

9. Make payment.



10. Items will be shipped out within 3 days of payment


How to View Brand Mall Items

Click: 'Buy' tab → 'Preview search'

Click: 'Mall' → 'Search'



Click: 'Buy Now' when you want to want to make an order.


"Mix and Match" is for those customers who would like to grab multiple products from our platform and expect to get the bulk discount benefit from that.

20230328-LV-Mix-and-Match-Sale-WIXPageのコピー (950 × 500 mm) (1).png

What are the policies and rules ?

  • Users shall confirm an order within seven (7) days after receiving a notification email from AUCNET CP.

  • If an User does not confirm an order within seven (7) days, the transaction will be automatically canceled and the shipping fee (to Aucnet) will be charged to the User.

  • Unless there is significant damage found upon inspection by AUCNET CP, the User may not cancel the order without paying for the shipping from the seller to AUCNET.

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