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Why Are Japanese Second-Hand Goods So Popular for Overseas Buyers?

Japanese online auctions are attracting attention from all over the world due to the great combination of quantity and quality of their products. In recent years, we have seen more and more participants from different countries and areas. In this article, we will look at why Japanese second-hand items are so popular.

So, why?

There are 3 possible reasons to support this fact:

1) Quality

First and foremost, many buyers enjoy the quality of the goods that have been well maintained by Japanese people, who are known to be the most demanding consumers in the world. Japanese people tend to be cautious about what they purchase, which keeps every product in the market of high quality. Needless to say, this trend is not limited to brand-new items but also to the second-hand goods market, especially luxury items.


Have you ever heard the Japanese word “Mottainai”? Mottainai is a word that expresses a sense of regret when things that still could be used are wasted. Japanese culture, as exemplified by the word “Mottainai”, leads people to the careful handling of products. The second-hand market in Japan, where using things carefully for a long time is considered a virtue, continues to maintain its high standards, which are unparalleled in the world.

3) Reliability

Japan has strict rules for dealing with second-hand goods. For instance, when you would like to sell, purchase, rent, or exchange second-hand items as a company, you are required to have an antique dealer’s license. Comprised of consumers with in-depth knowledge of designer goods and qualified companies, Japan's pre-loved luxury goods market has earned the trust of many buyers from all over the world due to the lack of counterfeit products.

In this way, Japanese second-hand goods are recognized as high-quality and treated with care which is unique. The reliability makes it easier for people to purchase second-hand items from Japan not only physically but even online from overseas.

In today’s increasingly digital world, Japanese second-hand online auctions are the best way to purchase your inventory.

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