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What are the top 4 Used Chanel Bags Most Popular at Our Auctions?

Updated: Apr 18

With a weekly average of over 1,500 Chanel bags being listed on our B2B Brand Auction in the second half of 2022, it’s no wonder that our buyers in Japan as well as abroad love our huge selection of Chanel items.

In this post, we will be showing off some of the types of Chanel bags we often list in our auctions.

… But before that, let’s check out a little bit of Chanel’s legacy!

Chanel’s history starts in 1910 when its founder, Coco Chanel, opened up a specialty shop focusing on hats called “Chanel Modes”. In 1921, Chanel came out with their signature perfume, “Eau De Parfum No. 5”, which is the same perfume Marilyn Monroe was famously said to have sprayed on her bed before sleeping.

Due to World War II, the boutique was forced to close but opened again in Paris in 1954. After reopening, Coco continued to leave her legacy on this world by designing the classic Chanel 2.55 bag, releasing the “Chanel suit”, and winning an Oscar.

Unfortunately in 1971, Coco Chanel passed away, leaving the business in a rough patch momentarily.

Then, in 1982 Karl Lagerfeld became appointed to lead the brand and helped propel Chanel to be the brand we know and love today.

The Chanel brand concept is “the figure of a woman who has independence through freedom, not constrained by outdated values”.

Coco Chanel’s words still resonate with us today, one for example being:

“I grew strong by swimming upstream against the current.”

Now that we’re done looking at the legacy of Chanel, let’s check out 4 types of Chanel bags we at Aucnet list on our auction.

・Chanel Matelassé Chain Shoulder Bag

CHANEL matelasse
CHANEL matelasse

This shoulder bag is THE Chanel bag to represent the brand. The matelassé series was created in 1983 with its roots based on the Chanel 2.55 chain shoulder bag.

Even recently, this bag is prided on its extreme popularity, not undergoing many big changes to its design. Another reason for its popularity aside from its consistency is that Chanel showcased many different materials in its collections, from the textured pattern of the caviar skin bag in the picture above to the smooth leather and even the matte lambskin. In addition to the fabrics, the sizes are also quite varied. Chanel released the compact “Matelassé 20”, which is a mini matelassé, as well as the “Matelassé 30” and “Matelassé 34”, which are larger versions. The most popular size in Japan is the Matelassé 25. We handle many types of matelassé bags in our Japan B2B auctions, so if you are looking for a specific material or size, we most likely have what you need!

Chanel Matelassé Handbag

CHANEL matelasse
CHANEL matelasse

The 2WAY type of Chanel handbags are popular with their dual usage as a shoulder bag as well. Additionally, the pair bags in the right picture pick up a lot of attention in our auctions. When browsing through our auction item previews, try to be on the lookout for these handbags!

Chanel Matelassé Vanity Bag

CHANEL matelasse
CHANEL matelasse

In recently years, Chanel vanity bags are not just being used as cosmetic bags but also in wardrobes to complete looks. As our world is changing into a more convenient place with cashless payment and less things to carry around with us, bags are being used so much more for fashion, which leads to some unconventional shapes, such as the heart-shaped vanity bag in the right picture.

・Chanel Handbag

CHANEL matelasse
Chanel deauville

The bag on the left, first sold in 1996, is often called a reprinted tote because it was based on the Chanel Tote Bag 1804, which was released to the market in 1994. This bag is quite popular as a vintage item with its signature Coco mark in the middle.

The bag on the right was made in 2012 for the Deauville line. It is popular for being a bag with a more casual style.

With the growing popularity of Japan’s pre-loved luxury goods as well as the continuing topic of sustainability, the number of Aucnet’s users abroad is increasing in recent years. As a Japanese B2B auction, we offer items like the ones above at around wholesale prices to businesses in Japan as well as abroad. If you are a business and are interested in becoming a member, check out our auction site here to apply for membership, with which you can access over 20,000 items per week!

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