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How does the invoicing and payments for Aucnet Auctions Work?

For this article, we will show you how you view your invoice and pay after winning an item.

Let us go through the basic procedure together!

I won an item at the auction, how do I check my invoice and make a payment?

Receive an Email

Let’s say you won an item on Tuesday, when the weekly auctions are held. You will get your invoice on Tuesday or Wednesdayevening, which is the next day of the auction. We will notify you through email, after we upload your invoice on our website.

View Your Invoice

We will upload your invoice as a PDF file, and you will be able to view them by clicking “Invoices” on the “My Profile” tab.

Now we’ve viewed the invoice, let us move on to the payment!

Payment Method

Here are 2 options for payment. You could either choose which payment method you’d like.

【Bank Transfer】

 Please note that the customers will be responsible for any transfer fees.


You will be charged a 3% fee.

We only accept credit cards if they are linked to PayPal.

*For members who would like to use WISE, please use the following account name:

カブシキ ガイシヤ オークネツト コンシユーマープロダクツ

Payment Deadline

Please pay before the deadline written in your invoice.

Late Payments

If we haven’t received your payment within 10 days from the day we issued your invoice, we will ask you to pay for the late fee. Late fees are 18.25% of the total amount price listed on the invoice.

Aucnet is always working to expand services and to be more useful for our fellow members and partners .Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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