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How Does Aucnet Inspect Its Luxury Bags?

We at AUCNET have gathered over 15 years of authentication knowledge to help us judge items. Our experts at the Inspection Centre work very hard to give peace of mind to our clients regarding authenticity, and we do our best to thoroughly inspect each and every item we list. In this article, we will show you how the inspection process of luxury bags is done by Aucnet.

Here are the 3 essential processes items go through before being listed:

① Authentication:

We thoroughly check the design, material, and brand insignia of each item.

Our specialists at the Inspection Centre conduct authenticity checks with our strict standards.

② Inspection:

This is when we check for damages such as scratches and stains.

We take notes of any problem areas and post them in the item details section.

③ Photographing the items:

For our Aucnet Brand Auction, we use a photography service to take pictures of the items so that buyers can have a clear preview before they start bidding.

Authenticity is the one of the most important processes for the secondhand luxury goods we list on our auction. We will share with you how we authenticate used luxury bags here:

Points we check for bags:


•High-quality and unique materials are often used when creating these products. Each item is also characterized by special textures and odors that are specific to each brand and sometimes even to each product. With our team’s 15+ years of experience with authenticating products, they can determine whether an item is within standard or not using their senses to judge the material.


• High-end brand products are made by skilled craftsmen. The precise stitching (diagonal stitching) is achieved by hand-stitching using thread. Items that are sewn using a sewing machine end up with a straight-stitch finish. Such items also use thin and inexpensive threads, which does not create the same effect as the real product.


• High quality fasteners have a good appearance on the finish and are well made. This tends to be another place brand manufacturers put a high level of detail into. When checking, we also pay attention to the surface treatment of the rails.

Metal fittings

• Similar to how we check the fastener, we also focus on the surface finish of the plated parts and the sharpness of the edge treatments. The hooks are also specific to each manufacturer with special characteristics.


• The engraving, which is considered the face of a product, is a very important part, as each manufacturer has its own signature. Since this is an important part of the item, many companies that create imitations pay close attention to this point. However, more than likely there is always a slight deviation from the real engraving, such as the roughness and spacing of the engraving.

Edge processing

• This process makes the cut surface of the leather look clean and increases its strength. We understand the characteristics of each manufacturer and pay attention to these areas. If we see a poorly-executed, thick coating and sloppy paint job, we take note of this.

Following these steps and our strict Aucnet standards for our Japanese B2B auction, we take many measures to ensure top quality assurance for each and every product.

We list more than 18,000 used luxury bags, watches, jewelry, and more every week at wholesale prices.

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We look forward to working with you!

※Note: Aucnet’s authentication service is based solely on Aucnet’s criteria with their inspection experts who have acquired the expertise of selling luxury brand-name products over 15 years. The only place that can 100% confirm if a product is authentic or not is the brand house itself.

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