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How Does Aucnet Inspect Its High-End Watches?

We at AUCNET have gathered over 15 years of authentication knowledge to help us judge our pre-loved watches from Rolex, Omega, Seiko, and more. Our experts at the Inspection Centre work very hard to give peace of mind to our clients regarding authenticity, and we do our best to thoroughly inspect each and every item we list. In this article, we will show you how Aucnet inspects each watch.

Here are the 3 essential processes items go through before being listed:

① Authentication:

We thoroughly check the design, material, and brand insignia of each watch.

Our specialists at the Inspection Centre conduct authenticity checks with our strict standards.

② Inspection:

This is when we check for damage such as scratches, corrosion, and aging damage.

We take notes of any problem areas and post them in the item details section.

③ Photographing the items:

For our Aucnet Brand Auction, we use a photography service to take pictures of the items so that buyers can have a clear preview before they start bidding.

Authenticity is the one of the most important processes for the secondhand luxury watches we list on our auction. We will share with you how we authenticate our used watches here:

Points we check for watches:


•Many high-end watches are created with quality materials and metals, so we check that each item’s materials are within our standards for that type of watch. We additionally check that there are no discrepancies in the metal on the outside of the watch to ensure the item has not been tampered with.


•Each link is inspected for its quality to ensure all of the parts are authentic and from the brand house. We also make sure to check the brand insignia, as it is key to the authentication process.


• Proper machines and tools are required to manufacture and engrave delicate engravings. The stamp is the face of the manufacturer, so an authentic engraving will have the attention to detail.

Edge processing

• The brand house will focus on techniques that create exquisite corners on the watches, so we check for this aspect during the authentication process.


• We take into consideration the thickness of the plating and the quality of the base treatment when examining the watches. An authentic watch will have a flawless finish on its surface.

Finishing details

• We inspect the corners of the watches, specifically checking whether or not there are signs of cutting tools used, such as end mills.

Quality of gems/stones

• If there are any gems or stones on the watch, we check the grade of the diamonds/colored stones and how carefully they were placed on the watch.

Movement functions

• We check if the mainspring winds correctly and if the time can be adjusted or not. We also check the beat number, rate, and beat error of the watches using our timegrapher.

Checking accessories

• If a watch comes with a box, guarantee card, manual, etc., we check the attention to detail on the lettering and make sure to list all of the items the watch comes with.

Following these steps and our strict Aucnet standards for our Japanese B2B auction, we take many measures to ensure top quality assurance for each and every product.

We list more than 18,000 used luxury bags, watches, jewelry, and more every week, many of which can be won at wholesale prices.

If you are looking for an auction provider you can trust when buying watches from Rolex, Omega, Seiko, and more, Aucnet is here to help!

For those who are interested in signing up, please click here.

We look forward to working with you!

※Note: Aucnet’s authentication service is based solely on Aucnet’s criteria with their inspection experts who have acquired the expertise of selling luxury brand-name products over 15 years. The only place that can 100% confirm if a product is authentic or not is the brand house itself.

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