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How Do Aucnet’s Brand Auctions Work?

Updated: Jan 23

An Overview of Aucnet Consumer Products

Aucnet Consumer Products Inc. (ACP) is a group company of Aucnet Inc., a corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange that provides global B2B online auction platforms.

ACP focuses on listing secondhand luxury goods sent from our trusted sellers within Japan and listed on our weekly Brand Auction.

Our B2B auction sites keep all users completely anonymous and allow only verified professional businesses to participate.

ACP has over 3,300 members worldwide and lists an average of 80,000 listed items per month*1.

Our sellers in Japan list a wide range of products spanning from classic Chanel, Rolex, and Louis Vuitton to contemporary Gucci, Fendi, and Dior, many of which are won at wholesale prices.

Every item is authenticated by our well-trained experts supported with the 15+ years of experience Aucnet has gathered handling brand-name goods to give you quality assurance you can trust.

Membership gives you access to authenticated secondhand luxury items at prices you won't find anywhere else.

*1 information valid as of August 2022

How The Process Works

At ACP, we strive to make buying and selling as simple as possible for our members.


All items listed on our auctions are within our strict standards. All items undergo a stringent authentication process to be listed.


Our experienced inspectors will check and assess the quality of each item with our strict grading process.


The interior and exterior of the products, along with any accessories that come with them (shoulder straps, certificates, boxes, etc.), will be photographed and uploaded to the website.


Members have 3 days prior to the auction day to place their bids. Detailed information and photos of the products will be shared on our website for our members to preview.


At the end time of each product, whoever places the highest bid and reaches or surpasses the item’s reserve price will be the winning bidder. The two types of auctions are explained in detail below in the “Types of Auctions” section.


A member’s successful bids will be shown on that week’s invoice, which is sent to the successful bidder every Wednesday. Successful bidders will make payment to Aucnet after the auction ends. Once payment is received by us, items will be prepared for shipping at our distribution center and shipped off to the member’s designated shipping location.

Types of Auctions

・Value Price Auction (VPA)

The Value Price Auction (VPA) is an auction where you can place bid for a 3-day period, which starts every Saturday at 12:00 am and ends Monday at 5:00 pm, 5:20 pm, or 5:40 pm (JST) depending on the item.

Items equal to or under 50,000 JPY are listed here.

・Real Time Auction (RTA)

The Real Time Auction (RTA), as its name suggests, is a live auction that takes place every Tuesday from 10:00 am (JST).

Items over 50,000 JPY are listed here.

In the VPA and RTA combined, our auctions average over 17,000 listings per week, many of which are won at wholesale prices!

Registering with Aucnet

Registering with us is simple, fast, and free.

You will be able to have access to our B2B auction website within four business days from the time we receive your signed contract.

The steps to becoming a member is as follows.

1. You will need to submit a membership application via Paperform. Alternatively you can contact us first using our Inquiry Form. We require a picture of your proof of business (and resale certificate for US businesses) as well as a form of government-issued ID (picture of passport, driver’s license, etc.).

2. After the initial review, we will send you our contract via email.

3. Once you agree to and e-sign the contract, we will start processing your account, which will take up to 4 business days.

4. After the account has been finalized, we will send you an email with all the information you need to log in.

5. Your account manager will set an online meeting to explain our auction site and important rules before any purchases can be made.

Once you receive your ID information and complete the walkthrough with your account manager, you can start bidding in our weekly auctions!

Thousands of pre-loved luxury items from Japan are waiting for your bids at the Value Price Auction (VPA) and Real Time Auction (RTA).

You can join our B2B auctions by registering with us here!

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