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Auction #726 spotlight items

Over 19,000 items are listed for Auction #726. This week’s spotlight items below are waiting for your bids!

【Pick Up Brand #726】

・HERMES watches

・CHANEL watches

・OMEGA watches

・FENDI bags

・CHANEL bags


・HERMES accessories

・GUCCI accessories


What was popular this week?

Chanel Matelasse Caviar Leather Bag

Chanel Matelasse Caviar Leather Bag

Chanel’s timeless icon, Matelasse bags are well known for their quality, elegance and durability.

Although Matelasse bags have various types of leathers, lambskin and caviar leather are the most popular.

For the auction this week, we saw a bit more popularity in caviar leathers. The stiff and grainy look on the caviar leather makes it less prone to scratches and blemishes, thus making it more practical for daily use.

The market for vintage Chanel bags is continuously growing, some people buy them for investment purposes.


Chanel Matelasse Caviar Leather Bag

Christian Dior Book Tote Bag

Another timeless piece from Christian Dior. The heavily embroidered design, spaciousness, and variety of colors and materials of this eye-catching Tote Bag is loved by fashionista’s all around the world and the trend is getting out of hand.

For the auction this week, this multicolor embroidered tote bag was on the top ranked by our overseas buyers.

Having just the right amount of spice, Tote bags are easy to implement into everyone’s wardrobes.

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