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Discover the Latest Trends and Shifts - Auction 709

Updated: Apr 11

This week we will be presenting you with some special pickup luxury second hand bags, watches and jewelry which have a significant change in the market value and prices. Our Auction report suggests which products have been in demand with our buyers and sellers and also which products ate experiencing increase in their prices at our auction site, We will also share the list of luxury bags , luxury watches and jewelry brands which have experience significant changes in their market prices. You can use this metrics to decide your buying and selling decisions as it may help our B2B buyers who believe that the products experiencing increase in prices will continue to grow further giving them a scope to sell at a premium price.

We have also shared the most popular items at our auctions which have been receiving huge search demands and bids when placed at our auctions every week.

The below products are mostly grade B and grade C items which qualify to be most in demand for our overseas buyers. Due to strict investigation procedure at our centres in Japan most of our overseas B2B buyers think that a B ranked products sold at our Japanese Auction Site is correspondingly ranked A for their markets as our ranking system is very rigid and accurate.

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