April: Aucnet's Monthly Bag Report


Hello everyone, April is cherry blossom season in Japan!

Up till April, we have been seeing an overall market price increase from the start of the year, but as of April, many items have been leveling off or dropping in price. Scroll down below to see more details!

Bag Trends

The Louis Vuitton Speedy had an increase or decrease in market price up until last month depending on the size, but come April, every size of the Speedy was dropping in price. The Speedy 35, which has been continuously dropping even before April, is specifically a product to keep an eye on, as well as the Noe.

Additionally, the market price for Keepalls and Bandoulieres was increasing until the end of March but started to level off with no extreme change.

On the other hand, the market price of Montsouris increased for both the MM and GM styles.

How eco-friendly is “eco-friendly”?

“As long as I can use it, I have no preference between new or used items.” “It’s cheaper to buy used than new.” “There’s no other way to buy goods that are no longer being produced.” There are many different reasons why people are specifically buying pre-owned goods. In addition to the reasons above, some may think, “My choices are more eco-friendly”. When we put a number to it, it becomes quite apparent, specifically the amount of GHGs when buying used being under one-sixth compared to when buying new.

Our pre-loved luxury goods business is truly “eco-friendly”.

Source: https://fashion-sustainability-report.vestiairecollective.com/fashion-sustainability-report-2022/vestiaire-collective-makes-the-world-go-around

See you all again next month!

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