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【Louis Vuitton】Mix & Match Sale!

Currently at our Brand Auction platform, we have a special offer for our new and existing buyers. Since we believe that our customers join us from across the globe it would be very difficult to join us at our Real Time Auctions which are held once a week. So for the customers who are not able to join us at our real time auctions, we would like to offer a bulk discount campaign which is additional to our Value Price Auction offerings.

The Mix and Match Sale is for those customers who would like to grab multiple products from our platform and expect to get the bulk discount benefit from that. Currently this campaign is open for our Louis Vuitton Second Hand Bag category and you can enjoy reduced transaction fees with extra discounts on our Pre loved Louis Vuitton bags.

Once you register with us as a buyer and your onboarding is done which is FREE , you can login to your portal and follow the steps below to enjoy the huge range of Louis Vuitton bags which are available at an attractive price and also get additional discounts on your transaction fee if you buy with us in larger quantities.

Incase of any queries you can always contact our support team and they will be more than happy to help you out !

Thank you for reading our blog! If you sign up as a member now, you can join for free: no initial membership fees or monthly usage fees! If you are interested in checking out our Aucnet Brand Auction and our wide selection of luxury goods, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to get you started as a member of our auction service!

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